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Since many years it is our foremost concern to provide you excellent information and ressources on the topic of personal development.

But what is that "Personal Development", everyone is talking about?

Well, everyone understands something different in the term "Personal Development" and you can easily proof how true this is, when you surf through the masses of more and less authentic "Personal-Development"-Websites.

But let me tell you, what Personal Development means for us. It's just one simple phrase and you will laugh when you hear it, because it's actually so obvious. So let's get to the point...

For us, personal development means bliss for you!

I believe, or actually I KNOW from my own experience that our ultimate goal in life is to become happy, satisfied and blissful and I guess that this is the topmost goal for everyone.

We all share this same goal, the only difference between our lifes is the way how we try to acomplish this goal.

Although everyone wants to get happy, some people end up on the way to great suffering and they go always deeper and deeper in the dard woods of unhappiness. Other people choose the way of temporary or artificial satisfaction and are happy, rich and successful for a certan periode of time.

One this website, we are not going to give you any of these.

...because we have something much more valuable:

Independent Happiness.

Happines from the inside out. From the core of your heart right into the tip of your hair.

But what is independent happiness?

It's that kind of happiness you don't need a new car, a big house, a good looking girlfreand or anything else for. It's that kind of happiness you can experience in every circumstances, once you have realized it. It's that kind of happiness which is completly independent of any external circumstances. It's that kind of happiness you can have in every situation and which no one can take you away.

Well, maybe I was a little to rash when I said we will give you this happiness, because this is not completly true. We cannot give you independent happiness, because then it would not be independent anymore!

The only person who can give you independent happiness is you!

But don't freak out:

We will provide you everything you need on the way to your own independent happiness. The information and ressources we offer on this website are like a map to your own inner peace and reviving blissfulness.

So, don't wait any longer! Go your own unique way, but keep your eyes on the map. That way you can be sure that you will always keep the goal of unlimited happiness in your mind.

As long as you follow the map you can be sure that you will not get seduced from temporary illusions.

Use the information from this website for your advantage and go your way to your own unique independent happiness!

Wishing you lots of success!

David Asen

PS: In the following you find highly interesting topics for your journey to happiness. Besides the following information we also feature an online shop with lots of helpful ressources for your personal growth.

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Personal Development Topics

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Personal Development Ressources

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...gibt es sorgfältig und nach höchsten Qualitätskriterien ausgewählte Bücher der ursprünglichen Yoga-Wissenschaft, die dir bei dieser spannenden und belebenden Reise zurück zur Wirklichkeit - und damit zurück zu dir selbst - helfen können.

Alles Gute und viel Erfolg auf deiner Reise wünscht dir...

Dein bliss4u-Team

om namo bhagavate vasudevaya

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