How to Manage and Conquer Depression


How You Can Learn to Kill Depression Before It Kills You

Probably the leading type of stress is job stress or work-related stress. It is not unusual for workers to be grumpy on Monday and happy on Friday night. Work-related stress has been the cause of many ailments such as extreme fatigue, headaches, anxiety, nervousness, respiratory illnesses, muscle pain, back pain, ulcers, insomnia, high blood pressure, depression of course, and even obesity! If youve been so preoccupied with your work and you havent got the time to take a short break, youll be more likely to pig out on dinner or midnight snacks. And of course, job insecurity can lead to depression.

Other factors that contribute to stress are relationship problems, health problems, and money problems. Things like a fight with your sister, not being able to pay your debts on time, supporting a family on a meager income, having an incurable disease, can indeed bring about depression. Even positive events such as getting a job promotion or having more job responsibilities, getting married, or getting pregnant can also lead to tension, and depression.


Hormonal Changes After Childbirth

Helpful Depression Related Resources

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

Depression responds well to EFT. In most cases the depressed feelings vanish or are materially reduced within a few minutes of applying it. No drugs involved. Also, repeated applications of EFT often eliminate these feelings permanently so that they no longer re-appear on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. To learn the basics of EFT click here.

The Science of Being Well

Be well immediately by getting help staying on track with thinking and living in the Certain Way just when the going gets toughest - at times you may not be able to predict! Click here to learn more about The Science of Being Well...

The Sedona Method

Your heart beats rapidly as though it might burst through your chest any minute. You know logically that there is no reason to feel the fear that is gripping your gut, but you feel out-of-control powerless to do anything about it.

Does this sound familiar? If you have ever felt like this, you are not alone - and there is real lasting help in form of the Sedona Method. The Sedona Method is a powerful tool for letting go of all fear and anxiety. Click here to learn more about the Sedona Method...


Heals unresolved emotional issues at the deepest level, including anxiety, depression, anger, substance-abuse, fear and many other dysfunctional feelings. Click here to learn more about Centerpointe...

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