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How to Set Goals and Achieve Them Without Struggle

Did you notice though that every time these questions are raised to young boys and girls, the answer starts with an I want to be.? Wanting to be somebody or to do something is the start of creative or desired dreaming. Wanting is associated with dreaming that it somewhat starts to evolve on the goals we intend to set and attain. Wanting something can be so powerful that we start making plans to make things happen the way we want it to be. It even gets more powerful when that want will produce good deeds for the benefit of many. Somehow, a spark is ignited that it will start to kindle and glow in the dark, take its shape, and mold into something beneficial and worthwhile.

Though dreams that occur while we are asleep are different from dreams of what we perceive to be in the future, there is some degree of inter-relation between the two. When we persistently concentrate on our wants and desires, these wants and desires sometimes manifest themselves in our dreams while we are asleep and gives us a vivid vision of how we can make our ambition turn into reality. So much so that when we wake up, we have developed a direction or a plan on how to execute our ambition even when it previously seems to be vague or far-fetched from reality.

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