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How to Set Goals and Achieve Them Without Struggle

But even if our dreams are vague or seems impossible, we must keep them alive in our minds. By keeping them on our minds, we are somewhat injecting fuel that keeps the fire in our dreams aflame. What used to be a vague vision of our dreams will slowly but gradually turn vivid as we commit it to memory. What seems to be impossible is starting to look possible. And when we have reached this stage of possibility, we cannot resist the urge that will come to us to mold it into reality. We cant wait to start the wheels of development turning. Somehow this urge will propel these wheels to move, no matter how small the movements are, so long as it moves because we want to see how it develops. We want to see progress. We want to see improvements. Without even noticing it, the moves may start to pick up speed. And to think of it, it just started as dreams in our minds.

Creative dreaming is a burning desire that keeps our ambitions going and holding on to it, will turn it into reality. There is no stopping to goal realization for as long as there is creative dreaming.

Chapter Four - Act on It

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