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On the other hand, success is imminent when your thoughts say it will. Even if it fails the first time, you will learn from your failure and when you try again, you will ultimately succeed as you gain more experience. Keep on trying and persevering. There should be no let up and when success is at hand, you would have defeated defeat.

On a family setting, it is extremely important that positive thoughts prevail over the entire household. With this attitude, every member of the family will experience this blessing and it will grow stronger in time. Therefore from childhood till adulthood, every member will carry with him or her this positive attitude for the rest of their lives, ultimately resulting into a successful and happy life. And unknowingly, we are bonding the family more closely to each other for a lasting relationship.

The same thing is true outside your household. We are all familiar with the phrases, Show me your friends and Ill tell you the kind of person you are and Birds of a feather, flock together. We are what we keep as company. We are what we think we are.

A person, in time, can shift totally from one personality to another especially if that person is the type that follows a leader. If you have the qualities of leadership, you are in effect, the one who persuades the follower to change to your kind of attitude. The stronger personality has the stronger attitude to persuade. It is a good thing if the leader is the optimistic type, all followers will follow suit. The other way around is disaster.

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