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How to Set Goals and Achieve Them Without Struggle

So if you have children, make sure they are in good company. And you can do so by making yourself as an example. It is easy to turn bad, it is difficult to be good and stay good.

That is why turning bad doesnt need persuasion. Its like baking a cake; it takes a lot of time to bake one. Destroy the cake and its done in no time.

Remember, think positive, act positive, and stay that way. You can do it because what you think is whats going to happen. This is a must in goal realization.

Chapter Five - Conditioning the Mind

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. In goal achievement, the first point is indicative of our dream, the distance is the action we take to turn the dream into reality, and the second point is our goal. A straight line may mean zero obstacles or troubles but in reality, this is something next to impossible but that doesnt mean its not possible. However, we must always be prepared for any possibility. We must try to keep our road to goal realization as trouble-free as possible.

When we set ourselves to achieve a goal, we need to fashion our mind to be attuned to it. We have to align our thoughts in the direction of our goal. We need to get to our goal in the easiest manner at the shortest possible time. In other words, we have to condition our minds.

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