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How to Set Goals and Achieve Them Without Struggle

Let us differentiate different attitudes, especially those attributed to the way we direct our thoughts to goal achievement.

It may sound contradictory at times that two characteristics are almost exact opposites yet we still want them both practiced.

Sometimes, some of us may quip: I must not delay things but I need to be patient enough to wait. I am reminded of my grandmother who went to a cardiologist for a check-up. The doctor prescribed some medicines to keep her blood pressure within controllable limits plus recommendations on certain types of food she has to avoid. After a couple of weeks, there wasnt much improvement so she went back to the same doctor who referred her to another doctor in which she was diagnosed with a slight problem on her kidneys, which was the reason for her frequently changing blood pressure. So she was again prescribed some medicines and again was recommended another set of food she mustnt eat. In short, some portions of the two recommendations on food she must avoid contradict each other and my grandmother wound up with a very strict limited diet making her miss vital needed nutrients. Dismayed, she ignored part of the recommendations, used practical sense and methods and took moderate amount of various nutritious foods. It turned out better for her.

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