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How to Set Goals and Achieve Them Without Struggle

Some may have an answer or answers, others may have an answer but still doubtful if they have the right one, and still many of us have unanswered questions.

Whatever specific reason each of us have for existence, there is one universal reason: to find happiness and we owe it to ourselves.

Happiness comes in many forms, each is unique from the other. Happiness is embracing the Divine Providence in your life; It is having found your true love, raising a family. It is a life of fame, power, and/or wealth. It is good health. It is in serving others and countless more. Some of us may be happy for just one reason but often it is a combination of several.

However we perceive happiness to be, goal realization is a vital part of it. Great opportunities abound in life. It is entirely up to us to hold on to these opportunities and align them with our goal.

We cannot overemphasize the importance of goal realization in life in pursuit of happiness. Realizing a goal brings a feeling of fulfillment to oneself. Either way, we can choose to be one of these three: a goal achiever, a failure, or an in-between. Again, it is entirely up to us.

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