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How to Set Goals and Achieve Them Without Struggle

Take a mind full of tense feelings and negative emotions, where do you think this will lead to in goal realization? Nowhere. This will lead to goal disintegration. You have to take all the garbage (negative impressions) out of your mind to give way to clear, tense-free positive thinking.

Success, failure, good times, bad times, they all happen. They are part of life. But when failures and bad times occur, sometimes we become so affected by these circumstances to the point of being slaves to them. We feel so bad that we become affected by them in almost everything we do. We loose control and so more trouble drops in. And all these, if we analyze it, are based on the way our minds respond to it, the negative way.

To counteract bad times, we need to think about good times and to do this, we need to capitalize on how it turned bad by drawing lessons from it. The positive answers will eventually pop out of our minds and we begin to feel good because we now know the answer to correct failure the next time around. And the next time around should be acted upon immediately thereby blanketing bad times with good times in a short period of time.

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