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How to Set Goals and Achieve Them Without Struggle

Let your mind control the situation in a positive manner. Do not let the situation control your mind.

The option of controlling is in your hands. You have power over failure. Exercise this option and you will surely be on your way to goal realization.

When we set to pursue a goal, we must consider goals that can be achieved in a manner wherein we have more hand in controlling the processes.

What we have just discussed a while ago is controlling a situation that has already happened, how we react to it. Now, we must consider how to control a situation we think may happen, sort of pre-empting what we think will happen. It seems similar although there is a difference between the two. This type of controlling a situation tells us to concentrate on goals that we can maneuver, we can direct to the way we plan it. You may think this is monopolizing but it isnt.

An example, lets say you want to get into the business of making ready-to-cook french fries. If you are going to buy potatoes from a planter who dictates the price in the market, youre bound to have problems beyond your control. One of the solutions to continue in this business is to look for more suppliers or better still, you must be knowledgeable in planting your own potatoes. These ways, you have a ready solution to a probable problem. Get involved in goals wherein you have control of your own resources. In short, choose goals you are familiar, comfortable, and you have more experience in.

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