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Another example would be, lets say you want to be a spiritual counselor. A counselor must be both a good listener and a good adviser. If you are good in listening to other peoples problems but cannot give sound advice except reactions like: Oh, thats too bad thats awful thats terrible, you cannot be a counselor. Consequently, if youre a good adviser but a bad listener, you cannot be a counselor either. Come to think of it, how can a person give sound advice if he/she doesnt listen well. Maybe instead of counseling, go into sales where good conversationalists are needed.

Part of everyday living and in the course of setting and realizing our goal, we are usually faced with different kinds of troubles or obstacles that hinder our growth, our development. Such troubles may directly affect the goal we aim for, others indirectly, and still others have nothing to do with them except that they take up some of our time and make us feel bad, they just slow us down, as if we want to give up.

From these troubles, we can either become cowards as a result or a stronger, wiser person, learning from them. It all depends on how we handle trouble. Many times, people with problems tend to look for faults blaming other people instead of finding solutions.

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