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How to Set Goals and Achieve Them Without Struggle

To be on the winning side, we can draw support and advice from our family and friends. But the best support we can get is the one coming from the Almighty through the power of prayer, which you will read later on in this book. Ask the Almighty to come to your aid. Do so with intense depth and sincerity. He will clear your mind to find a solution to your trouble.

The Almighty works in wondrous ways, that is why we must keep our minds clear so that He may have access into us to be able to aid us. We must free ourselves from all the clutter of fear, anger, hatred, envy and all traits that hinder our mind to think clearly and replace it with growth-developing faith, hope, courage, and care. Some of us may treat trouble by ignoring it. Yes, there are troubles that fade in time and ignoring it could be the solution. But most troubles persist despite time, some may even develop into bigger troubles in time. In such cases, we have to face them head-on, we have to persist and persevere in finding solutions that will free us back to our road to goal realization

Seek help whenever necessary. Keep in mind, Divine intervention or human assistance always comes to people with a good purpose.

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