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How to Set Goals and Achieve Them Without Struggle

This grandmother came to realize that despite the setback, she is actually a lucky lady; a demonstration of how the mind works on a negative state compared to a mind with a positive approach.

So if your goal seems to be on fire, burning to the ground, get a candle and light it from the fire. Keep that candle lighted, youre going to need it to continue your journey to your original goal.

It is a matter of how we view the situation. How we will react to a situation makes all the difference. We can either feel frustrated, accept defeat, and feel remorseful or analyze the situation, try to find the best solution and approach it positively by keeping faith in God and yourself.

Now Im not saying that problems are nothing. They can at times be very devastating and shattering, and sometimes, they are so horrific that we feel they crush us to the ground. But problems are part of life. We cant escape them and we just have to deal with them. Hiding from them wont solve anything.

Obstacles, problems, troubles, or setbacks can be blessings in disguise. Maybe God wants us to experience them to make us stronger. Consider this scenario. Two new drivers just learned how to drive a car. One driver drives along a straight path while the other on a zigzag road. After having driven a number of miles, they both gain more experience. Who became a better driver? I believe you will agree that the one who traveled the road of obstacles, the zigzag road was the better one.

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