Goal Realization Made Easy


How to Set Goals and Achieve Them Without Struggle

Come back after a setback or drawback. Draw lessons from problems so that you and I can become better persons the next time. Like we mentioned earlier about history, draw lessons from it by learning from your mistakes and the mistakes of others. Turn disadvantages to advantages. Turn a gloom into a bloom.

All this depends on the way we think. If we think defeated, then we are. So if you feel like youve lost almost everything, stop thinking negatively, regain your senses, and start to think positively. Refuse defeat. You have everything to gain if you win over the situation by developing a positive outlook.

Never give up, never say sorry to yourself, never surrender. Throw away that white flag and keep the flag of faith waving. If you have to surrender, surrender only to God.

Remember that your mind is a very powerful tool. Use it the way God designed it to be; positively, wisely, intelligently.

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