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How to Set Goals and Achieve Them Without Struggle

In short, goal realization has no limitations to race, age, sex, belief or conviction, religion, economic condition in life, educational attainment, experience, fame and influence in society; you name it. The only thing that might limit its potential is yourself, if you dont work on it.

I used to have a childhood friend whose father was a doctor who owned a modest community hospital. We used to play together, go roller-skating, biking (bikes were rented those days when we cannot afford to buy one), play with marbles, rubber bands, and cards.

Economic conditions in rural areas can be very tough. Many people cannot afford to pay hospital bills, so my neighbors father must settle for payments in kind; whatever patients can afford. Because of this condition, the hospital including the lot on which it is located has to be mortgaged to a bank to keep it operational. It reached a point wherein the property was forfeited by the bank due to delayed or non-payment of mortgage. Because of the doctors desire to serve the community, he was forced to rent a place which was used as a clinic instead. My friend, whose ambition to become a doctor to help other people like his father was derailed due to economic conditions. Came the time when he has to begin his collegiate career. Since his father cannot support him financially, he has to do it by himself.

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How to Achieve Every Goal You Desire, Fast

Your mind is an achiever. It will attain each and every goal for you. Just abandon the present default mode and start to use it purposefully...

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