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How to Set Goals and Achieve Them Without Struggle

He tried to find work and luckily found one but it will take up most of his time leaving no time to study. He decided to quit school temporarily, hoping to study again someday when conditions improve. His work led him to learn another trade which enabled him to set up his own business but leaving behind his original ambition to become a doctor. With winds blowing in his favor, he was able to scoop enough cash to build his own non-profit clinic which was managed by his father.

Lets see now what we have learned from this experience. My friends original goal to become a doctor did not materialize but he was able to establish his own clinic through other means. His original intention to help other people came true. He need not be a doctor to help other people; he did it in an indirect way. You see, there is an added advantage to goal realization when it is doused with the intention to help other people. We will touch on this topic later. My friends economic condition did not deter him to reach his goal (his ultimate goal to help other people). He hardly finished college (only gaining a couple of years of it), but he is satisfied anyway with the way things turned out to be.

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How to Achieve Every Goal You Desire, Fast

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