Secrets of a Happy Marriage Revealed!




There is No Greater Service to Yourself, Your Spouse, Your Children and Society at Large than a Happy Marriage

Empowering family life is the foundation of any successful society, which in turn is based on happy marriages. A nation, a people, a community and a family, who masters the great art of a harmonious marriage, is destined to achieve all power, glory, riches, knowledge, wisdom and beauty. This is the guaranteed road to success.

This is the great source of trouble between husbands and wives. Each values his or her own qualities and despises the other's. So in their own minds they are not equal, and the first principle of harmony is missing.

The real truth is that in marriage a man is schoolmaster to his wife and she is equally schoolmistress to him. This is true in a less degree, of all the relationships of life.

The Law of Attraction draws people together that they may learn. There is but one Life, which is growth in wisdom and knowledge.

There is but one Death, which is refusal to learn. If husbands and wives were equals in their own minds they would not despise each other and refuse to learn of each other.

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