Secrets of a Happy Marriage Revealed!


How to Develop Everlasting Love and Romance in Your Marriage

I know if my wife is around. I could sense her. I could smell her scent in the air. Upon catching her scent in the air, it makes me feel happy. I could see a sudden change in my emotion. I look for her inside the house and hug her tightly, whispering love notes on her little ear. Life like this one is so satisfying.

Romance doesnt have to be grand, or a one-time experience. To live your life filled with romance is possible. It just comes out naturally. It is within you, and just waiting for the right time for its release. Just let it flow. Even small things like a touch, an audible whisper, a quick kiss or embrace can send a shiver to our spine.

A surprise kiss in the nape while holding your partner close can ignite excitement on your relationship. It is said that a love from your spouse is a fact, a stronger fact that is not reliant upon a one-time event or a perfect date. A true romance can be eternal. It will grow stronger as time passes by.

I (Mary) called Jun and told him that I have to finish a report due for tomorrow. I came home so late that night. When I arrived home, the lights were off on the porch as well as inside. I still manage to put on my keys. Just after closing the door, a hand grabbed me on my mouth and then pinned me on the wall. I was so shocked that I cant think on what to do. I was on the verge of tears. I felt so weak and my attacker noticed it. He whispered something on my ear. I didnt understand it at first. He repeated it again. This time much audible for me to hear. The words are I love you. The voice was familiar. Im sure the voice was coming from my husband. I hugged him tight while I was scolding him. He said that he wanted to surprise me. He got what he wanted; I was even terrified to death. At bed, he compensated by giving me a whole body massage?

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Secrets of a Happy Marriage Revealed!

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