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How to Turn Your Mind on Autopilot for Success Now

Consider the situation where you want to buy a present for your grandmothers birthday but you have no money to afford one. And so, using your mind, you think of possible ways to acquire money. After some time, this is what you have come up with:

- Run errands for somebody to pay you - Ask money from Mom and Dad - Steal money from Mom and Dad - Sell your things you dont use anymore - Sell brothers and sisters things - Beg money from strangers - Apply for a part-time job - Ask money from friends - Borrow money from friends - Join contests with cash money as prize - Gamble

As we have mentioned earlier, the mind will produce all sorts of things good or bad, right or wrong and we can never avoid it. What we can do is to organize and arrange them according to the level of their uprightness, i.e. What is a good and decent way in which I can acquire money? A better way? The best way?, or to classify them according to decency, i.e. What are the good ways? Which are the bad ways? Now, let us try solving and use our mind in dealing with this.

Among the ideas in the list generated by the mind, such as to run errands for somebody, to ask money from parents, to sell things that arent in use anymore, to apply for a job, to borrow money, and to join contests are those that we can say proper and acceptable ways in acquiring money. These thoughts are what we call positive thoughts. On the other hand, to steal money, to sell things that arent yours, to beg money from strangers, to ask money from other people, and to gamble are inappropriate and unacceptable solutions to the problem. They are considered negative thoughts.

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