Unleashing the Full Potentials of Your Mind


How to Turn Your Mind on Autopilot for Success Now

Simple I cans and I ams shall be a great way to start cultivating our minds with positive thoughts. To add to our example above, optimistic thinking includes I am smart. I am open to new ideas and knowledge, I can stand out in a crowd, though not with my looks, but with my smile, and I can be noticed by anyone if Ill crack clever jokes. Its easy to fill our minds with positive thoughts, isnt it? After all, most of the things in this world are relative.

Negative Thoughts

Negative, the opposite of positive, means being pessimistic or tending to have an undesirable outlook (Encarta Dictionary 2003). Referring now to thoughts being generated in the mind, these are the unconstructive ideas that discourage an individual to be someone or do something. They pull him down so as not to believe in himself or in what he can do. They started with simple notions, were filled by wrong principles due to unpleasant experiences in life, until they take up and conquer his whole mindset. Its bad enough that everyone possesses these thoughts but whats worse is that not all can overcome them.

Usually, these negative thoughts are observable on people with expressions like Im not good at anything. Science, Math, Speech, you name it. I cant do it, I cant face her. Im just too shy. Will you just give her this for me, or What if I made a mistake? My boss will surely gonna kill me.

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