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In mathematics, where positive and negative concepts also exist, they refer to integers. Positive integers are numbers greater than 0, located on the right of the number line, and continue to increase its value. On the other hand, negative integers are the exact opposite of positive ones numbers less than 0, located at the left of the number line and with decreasing value.

Medicine is another field of study which uses the terms positive and negative. Positive is an indication of presence of something in a test, usually particular organisms and illness as in HIV positive. Then again, absence of these particular diseases or condition that is being tested for is what negative means in this particular field.

Law, Physics, Photography, Logic, Biology, and Electricity are still some of the many fields of knowledge where the concepts of the conflicts of positivity and negativity are observable. Most importantly, these conflicts between the two are to be discussed thoroughly under the field of cognitive science the clash between positive and negative thoughts.

As what we have mentioned earlier, our mind is boundless when it comes to generating thoughts. It produces every idea we need. Comparing it to a search engine in the internet, when we wish to find answers to a certain problem, it will make a list of all solutions, regardless if its possible or impossible, and acceptable or unacceptable. This is where the clash begins. Its as if the positive thought Yes, I can and the negative thought No, I cant will compete with each other to see who will win the fight in which it will be declared the winner. The prize would then have to be that that thought shall be taken into action.

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