Boost Your Confidence!


Rejoice! Discover Unlimited Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence by Discovering Your Inherent Greatness and Beauty!

Table of Contents

Chapter I: Introduction Why Do Resolutions to Improve Ourselves More Likely Fail?

Chapter II: What is Self-Confidence? How is Self-Confidence Initially Built? Self-Confidence and Effectiveness Self-Confidence and Ability Improve Knowledge and Abilities Self-Esteem Positive Thoughts Beliefs that Continue to Influence Self-Confidence Self-Conquering Thought Habits Steps for Building Self-Confidence

Chapter III: Tap your Potentials The Inner Filter Get Rid from Comparisons Giving Your Best

Chapter IV: Aim for Personal Excellence Talent

Chapter V: Improve your Inner Dialog The Origins of Self-Criticism Talking More Positively to Children The Displacement Law Statements of Hope

Chapter VI: How Love Results in Self-Confidence: Expanding a Network of Love The Must for Love The Value of Family The Importance of a Group

Chapter VII: Summary and Conclusion

CHAPTER I Introduction

Undoubtedly, there are instances wherein all of us wish we could go into a store and ask for a pound of self-confidence please (or rather, 500 grams of self-confidence!). And sometimes there are instances when it feels as if we could do anything, deal with any obstacle, take on any task or job. So what then is confidence and how can we obtain some of it when we've run out or just aren't feeling up to par?

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