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In order to continue and maintain the right degree of self-confidence is a matter of balance. This may partially be a matter of timing. There are instances to confess to ambiguity, to invite the views and suggestion of others, to admit to lack of knowledge and to research facts. When all this has been done and you have made a judgment, it is time to affirm your situation with confidence and be prepared to justify it.

Self-Confidence and Ability

Self-confidence and ability go together. We are almost certainly to feel confident when we are faced with circumstances we know that we can handle maybe because we have dealt with them in the past. We are less likely to feel self-confident when we deal with circumstances for the first time, when we are hesitant of our ability, and we are least likely to feel self-confident when we face circumstances where we know we have little talent, because we have failed in the past. We can see this simple connection: skilled performance results in success and leads to improved self-confidence. In the same way, unskilled performance leads to failure, which may result in decreased self-confidence and lead to even poorer performance on the next occurrence.

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