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Improve Knowledge and Abilities

Generally speaking, the best method to increasing your performance and your self-confidence is to work on improving your knowledge and abilities. For instance, consider the case of Aaron and Chris. Aaron and Chris were both appointed as new members of a safety committee. For a time they both kept fairly quiet in the business meetings and left most of the conversation to the more experienced members. Within four months, however, Aaron had become much more active in asking questions, volunteering information, and even challenging some of the opinions of other members of the committee, whereas Chris still took a back seat, seldom putting forward his opinions, and always in favor with the majority.

The main difference between Aaron and Chris was that Aaron had striven hard to collect data on the matters that involved the committee and he would closely always put time into preparing for the business meetings. Chris had not exerted a special effort to learn about the background of the committee, or the technical and legal concerns facing it. He attended the business meetings and sat through them, without having done much if any preparation. As a committee member, Aaron was seen more effective and self-confident. This is not an extraordinary story. We are more effective and hence more self-confident in any circumstances if we have spent the time and effort to learn about it. This learning generally starts with the acquisition of information. At times people do not take the initiative, or will not take the time or effort that is required to learn about what they ought to recognize to be effective and efficient.

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