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Part of self-confidence is a general trust in oneself a liking for oneself or self-esteem, also referred to as self-worth. American psychologist Eric Berne used common everyday language to illustrate the esteem in which we regard ourselves and others: we may think of ourselves as OK or Not OK. According to Berne, we all go through a stage in our very early lives of low self-esteem of thinking that we are Not OK. After that we may come to like ourselves more, and hold ourselves with higher esteem a perception of feeling Im OK. Berne saw that there were people whose usual position of themselves is Im OK (i.e. high self-esteem) and then there were those whose usual view is Im Not OK (i.e. low self-esteem). This level of self-esteem may differ at any one time, depending on the situation. Attaining success in a task or job may increase ones level of self-esteem. Likewise, failure or criticism may have a negative impact. Independent of these situations, some people have a higher customary degree of self-esteem hence self-confidence than others. A significant area of self-esteem can be an ability to recognize between our self and our actions.

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