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Send positive thoughts. Substitute the negative thoughts with more positive messages. These should be realistic, reasonable, and should be able to support what we can actually expect to achieve.

Beliefs that Continue to Influence Self-Confidence

Self-confidence like being famous and wealthy is something we believe everyone else possess. In spite of that, feeling insecure about ourselves is probably the most ordinary problem of humankind. The majority of individuals in society believe You have to be born with it. This is absolutely untrue. You can learn how to be confident, just like learning how to cook or drive a car.

Secondly, people are likely to believe once they lose their self-confidence that its gone for good. Its not true. It may take time to win your self-confidence back, but once you defeat your insecurities its less likely that youll lose your self-confidence once again.

Thirdly, people believe that you can only have self-confidence if you are able to conquer a new challenge. There is more to confidence than achieving something new.

In response to external control, people build several assumptions; some of which are positive and some are destructive. Several assumptions that can hinder self-confidence, as well as alternative ways of thinking, are as follows:

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