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Rejoice! Discover Unlimited Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence by Discovering Your Inherent Greatness and Beauty!

“I should always have love and approval from every important person in my life.” This is a perfectionistic, unreachable goal. It is more reasonable and desirable to build personal expectations and principles that are not thoroughly dependent on the consent of others.
“I must be completely capable, adequate, and superior in all significant aspects of my life.” This once more is a perfectionistic, unreachable goal and suggests that self-worth or self-esteem is identified by accomplishments. Achievement can be satisfying however it does not make you more worthy. Instead, worth is an inherent characteristic and all people have it.
“My past remains all important and influences my emotions and behaviors in the present.” Whilst it is true that your confidence was particularly susceptible to external control during your childhood, as you grow older you can achieve awareness and viewpoint on what those influences have been. In doing so, you can decide which influences you will continue to allow to take action on your life. You don't have to be helpless in the challenge of past incidents.

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