Boost Your Confidence!


Rejoice! Discover Unlimited Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence by Discovering Your Inherent Greatness and Beauty!

4. Remind yourself of past successes.

Confidence builds on past success. Because you had success before, you can (and will) have it once more. We strengthen our confidence in any interest when we remind or review ourselves of past successes. If you are trying to develop confidence in a new aspect, past success can still be useful in strengthening our confidence. For instance, if you had success in doing something new in the past, recall those experiences when trying something else new even if it is in a completely different part of your life.

5. Motivate yourself.

Whether it is for a presentation or for an interview, remind yourself that you can do it. Encourage yourself each day and soon you will find your confidence level increasing. Another helpful way for motivation is that after work or study each day, you should make a list of at least five things that you did well for that day.

6. Take risks.

Try doing things that youve never tried before. Its always a little bit of a challenge in doing new things and just the act of accepting these challenges, some little and some big, whether we are successful or not, frequently improves our self-confidence. Approach new experiences as opportunities to learn instead of occasions to win or lose. Doing so brings you new opportunities and can improve your sense of self-acceptance. Not doing so turns every possibility into an opportunity for failure, and inhibits self-growth.

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