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8. Use self-talk.

Use self-talk as an opportunity to contradict destructive beliefs. Then, remind yourself to stop and replace more realistic assumptions. For example, if you catch yourself expecting perfection, tell yourself that you cant do everything perfectly, that its only possible to try to do things and to try to do them well. This also allows you to accept yourself while still working to improve.

9. Read and listen to positive materials.

Fill your mind with positive and affirming messages, thoughts and stories. Read materials that enriches your abilities or knowledge in the aspect in which you want to develop your confidence. Read things that are usually inspiring and affirming, and read biographies of successful people. You will discover that many of them had difficulties in life, came from tough circumstances, and still succeeded. If you have ever thought, Well, if they can do it, I could too, then youll understand that we can develop our confidence by reading about stories of successful people. Reading and listening to positive and affirming materials is about reinforcement, encouragement, and learning. All three of these components are required for greater confidence.

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