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Many people are frequently placing themselves on some new self-improvement program. They wanted to lose weight, quit smoking, begin exercising, read faster, or start aerobics. When most people enter on such programs, it is because they are discontented with themselves and believe that if they can modify some practices, they will be contented.

The false impression here is in believing that if their external changes, they will feel better on the interior. There is enough truth in that notion to lead them far astray. When they receive honors and degrees, a good feeling does complement the accomplishment, and they can conclude that by changing things on the exterior by giving all the things that other people seem to like their interior world will change.

But as a matter of fact it works the opposite. Most change begins on the interior and works outward. It starts with self-knowledge and self- enhancement. It has to do with changing our thoughts as well as our lifestyle; and if we can improve the way we think, if we can address ourselves and imagine ourselves differently, then an enormous deal of our behavior will definitely fall into place.

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