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Self-confidence is not essentially a general trait or characteristic which permeates all aspects of a persons life. Usually, people will have some aspects of their lives where they think they are quite confident, for instance, academics and sports, while at the same time they do not feel confident at all in other fields, for example, personal appearance, social relationships, among others.

How is Self-Confidence Initially Built?

Several factors have an effect on the improvement of self-confidence. The attitudes of parents are vital to how the children feel about themselves, especially in childrens early years. When parents give acceptance, children receive a solid basis for feeling good about themselves. If one or both parents are extremely critical or demanding, or if they are overprotective and if they discourage steps toward self-reliance, children may come to think they are incompetent, insufficient, or inferior. Nevertheless, if parents encourage children's steps toward independence and accept/love their children when they commit mistakes, children will learn to accept themselves and will be on their way to building self-confidence.

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