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Amazingly, lack of self-confidence is not automatically connected to lack of ability. But, it is usually the effect of concentrating too much on the impractical expectations or standards of others, especially parents and society. Influences of friends can be as powerful or more powerful than those of parents and society in determining feelings about ones self. College students re-examine principles and values and reflect on their own identities and thus are particularly vulnerable to the friends influence.

Self-Confidence and Effectiveness

Self-confidence is frequently related with success. Success leads to self-confidence, and self-confidence frequently appears to lead to success. We should be cautious, however, that we dont over generalize. Other than self-confidence, people generally need particular abilities to be effective and efficient. These differ, depending on the circumstances. They may be technical skills connecting to the specific project or job they are dealing with, or they may be more general skills such as those of interviewing, providing feedback, or evaluating strengths and weaknesses. In some instances people may be overconfident, or unreasonably self-confident, and this may cause them to ignore difficulties, or they may fall short to spend enough time and effort on preparation or performance.

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