Super Tactics of Time Management Experts


Two Proven Techniques that Successful People Do to Double or Triple Their Time in a Day

They say that time is much more important than wealth. Most effective people think so. They know how to get more time in a day, and they have mastered the art of utilizing time effectively to do more productive things that contribute to their advancement or success. So how do they do it?

Proven Technique Number 1 - They delegate and assign simple routinary tasks to other people so that they can have more free time to do as they please.

This is very elementary but of great significance. If you have the money, hire people to do the housework, the repairing, and even some of your office jobs. Let others do the research. But of course, you have to reward them accordingly so they will get motivated to render their services again.

You can then focus on the more important things in life, like planning and managing your activities.

Proven Technique Number 2 - They plan seriously.

The less time you think you have, the more critical it is for you to plan. By planning carefully, you’ll be able to manage your time better and avoid costly mistakes that eat up much more of your time.

You might say that you’re so busy you don’t even have time to plan. Maybe you can insert some time planning while doing your other activities. The planning phase is very important in organizing your thoughts to carry out the desired effects.

You might say that this is boring stuff, but you should never underestimate this process. This is like a guideline to steer you into the right direction.

Your plan will be your road map. Spend enough time to ponder through the different approaches and activities, and you will soon realize that you can save a lot more time by doing this.

It will be best if you can choose a quiet place to make your plan.

Your mind can focus and think more clearly this way.

Every individual has his unique perception of a well-made plan. There are no specific rules in making it. But in case you're in a tight situation, let me give you some tips.

1. Write down your objective. This is a precise definition of your target.

2. Brainstorm the strategies & tactics you will employ to accomplish your objective.

3. Assess the advantages & disadvantages of carrying out those strategies & choose those tactics where the pros outweigh the cons.

4. Set a timeline or deadline in completing your mission.

5. Make modifications & back-up plans in case Plan A doesn't work.

6. As your plan evolves, you will gain experience. Learn from your mistakes.

Most important of all, don’t delay. Start applying what you have learned today, and have lots of great time!

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