Fast and Smart Ways to Infinite Riches!


Set Up Your Mind as The Ultimate Cash Attracting Machine!

Table of Contents


SECTION A: Rich Food For Thought

CHAPTER 1: Set Up Your Mind

CHAPTER 2: Know The Difference

CHAPTER 3: Think And Act Rich

CHAPTER 4: Enhancing Your Money Consciousness

CHAPTER 5: Controlling Your Fears

SECTION B: Importance of Financial Knowledge and Preparations to Creating Wealth

CHAPTER 6: Why The Need For Financial Knowledge

CHAPTER 7: From One Income To Another

CHAPTER 8: From Not To Be to To Be

SECTION C: Business Ventures and the Measure of Wealth

CHAPTER 9: Friendly Financial Advice

CHAPTER 10: Moneymaking Ventures to Choose From

CHAPTER 11: How Rich is Rich?


A few years ago, I was strolling by the seacoast to get some fresh air. It was almost six in the afternoon on a hot humid day. Between where I am and the sunset, there were rows of yachts all over. I realized I was near a yacht club. Admiring the yachts, I said to myself: Sure must be fun to own a yacht like that as my attention was focused at one of the yachts which was strikingly more sophisticated than the others. I have always been fascinated by boats ever since I was a kid though owning one never really occurred to me. Again, I said to myself: Only the rich can afford it. Although the thought of getting rich crossed my mind, I never took it seriously at first. But somehow, I began to wonder if its really possible for a nobody like me to become a millionaire someday. Something inside me told me to dig deeper, to know more about acquiring or creating wealth even if it seemed unattainable. Ive heard of true stories about self-made millionaires. Ive heard of stories about people who started from scratch and turned it into millions. So I asked myself: If others can do it, why cant I? Another reason (and probably the main reason) that prompted me to dig deeper was the thought of being an employee all my life, working from nine to five, seemed to get me nowhere. This led me to ask myself: Whats life going to be financially when I retire? followed by a remark: I have to do something about this. That was almost five years ago and Im glad I talked myself into doing something that will change my life, and change it did. I still dont own a yacht, attending to my other priorities first. But Im well on my way to owning even a small one. Im even more glad that youve decided to take a look at this book. Its my turn to share with you what I have learned during those five years and I am confident that the contents you will find within this book will benefit and change your life as it did mine. I believe that if more people could learn ways to improve their lives through helping each other, the world will be a better place to live in. The time will come when those being helped are the ones who will be helping those who have helped them before (reciprocation of favors, which is advantageous to all concerned). I am sure you are aware that learning is a never ending process. Learning starts anywhere, anytime; but it never stops, no matter when, no matter where, no matter what. Even if you are learning a subject on which you are familiar with or you are an expert on, you will still continue to learn new things about the same subject. And theres an even more enormous amount of things to learn about subjects which we are not familiar with, especially when we are in the era of a fast changing world. The same thing is true to creating wealth. It is a never ending process of learning wherein new ideas are introduced and it is in these new ideas that somebody like you and me can make money.

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