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The poor would say that money does not interest them. The rich would say that money is power.

We can see that there are lots of differences in thinking attitudes between the poor and the rich. Often times, the directions of thinking are opposite each other. How the mind works determines the person. It is unfortunate though that more people choose the easier way to think, which is the way the poor think; hence the higher percentage of people are in the poor and middle class. But there is always the chance to improve, for as long as the mind is willing.

Let me emphasize though that a willing mind to improve oneself, to elevate oneself from being poor to being wealthy, is not enough and will not materialize if it is not coupled with action, the final and most important determinant to turn a poor person into a rich one. Not just any action but intelligent, decisive, fearless action.

Make it happen.

Chapter Three Think And Act Rich

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