Fast and Smart Ways to Infinite Riches!


Set Up Your Mind as The Ultimate Cash Attracting Machine!

On the previous chapter, we have compared the thinking of a poor person to that of a rich one. Initially, we shall explore a few ways on how the rich act in accordance with their thinking and how we can apply these ways to encourage and guide us in doing the same. Always keep in mind that you can attract as much money as you desire by knowing that it is all in the mind. It is what you choose to think, and act upon, that produces the money you want. What you think will be, will be.

Feel Rich and Be Grateful

What I am about to teach you is a simple yet very powerful way of attracting wealth and prosperity in your life.

First, imagine what life would be like if you are rich. Dont just see it. Feel it as if youre already experiencing the luxuries and lifestyle of the rich. Do you see yourself driving your dream car? What model and color is it? Touch the seat and feel its soft texture. Open the car radio and listen to your favorite music. Experience the joy of driving it towards your favorite place.

Maybe you could visualize a house. How many rooms does it have? Take a relaxing soak in the bath tub. Smell the food aroma coming out from the large kitchen. Play sports in your own private gym.

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