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6. Sometimes, we want others to change their attitudes but we have no control over them. Its easier to change oneself, if we have self-control.

7. Having more money does not necessarily mean more wealth. Sometimes, more money sinks us deeper to debt. Consider lottery winners who end up where they started after some time because of their compulsive spending and inability to properly manage their money.

8. Learn to master the power of money by having control over it. Once money has control over you, you become a slave to it.

9. Be creative and open to new ideas. Sometimes, we are so used to doing what the majority are doing that we completely close our minds to new ideas. Take for instance on a hot summer day, you will drink something cold to cool you down. You wouldnt think of drinking something hot because it will make you feel more hot and besides, a cold drink on a hot summer day is the common thing people do. But did you know that drinking something hot on a hot summer day helps to make you perspire and take the heat out of your system thus making you feel cool, although this is not the standard that most people follow? Just what does this have to do with creating wealth? I want to emphasize here that following set rules and procedures, and not deviating from what the majority are doing, discourages creativity. If you need to be different from the majority for the sake of financial success, so be it.

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