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Tap Your Potentials

We all have tremendous potentials and talents like courage and brilliance. We must learn to tap into them, to put them to good use. Like it or not, we also have negative common traits. We all have some degree of self-doubt although at varying levels. Again, it all depends on us, which side of us we will allow to prevail.

In the world of money, being smart is not enough. Youve got to be bold or daring. You have to actualize what is in your mind.

It is understandable that we feel apprehensive when it comes to change. Some are even afraid of change but we mustnt be. We must consider change, even at bad times, as an opportunity to improve our lives. Turn to your creative mind so as not to be swayed by the tide of depression. To be financially secure, you need to be creative and to take calculated risks.

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