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Consider this: Palms facing up is receiving, kind of similar to begging. Palms facing down is giving. Employees receive. Employers give. How do you want your palms position to be?

The Rat Race

The fact that youre reading this book confirms that you have crossed the line and have taken interest to create wealth, an all-important factor to financial security. Congratulate yourself because your initiative just introduced you to a world out of the rat race.

What is the rat race?

Every morning, you get up and prepare yourself to go to work - shower, breakfast, get dressed, travel by bus/train or drive your car, work from nine to five, get home to your family and have dinner, watch television or read the papers, then off to bed till the next morning.

You get two to three weeks paid vacation/sick leave each year and occasional overtime work. You get paid by your employer for your services every payday. If you dont like your job anymore, you find another employer for better pay. Year in, year out, its the same routine. You work for somebody else, not for yourself. You focus your efforts in making somebody else richer. That is the rat race. Let me ask you: If you have ever been an employee or if you are still one, honestly, do you like this feeling?

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