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Chapter Two Know The Difference For the purpose of simplicity, let us refer employers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors as people in the wealth express. What are the differences in status and in thinking between a person who is trapped in the rat race and a person who is in the wealth express? Let us lay the cards on the table and examine them. If you look at the paycheck of a person in the rat race, youll find:

Gross Earnings Minus Deductions (Taxes, SSS, etc.) = Net Pay (Money left for you to spend / save)

The earnings of a person in the wealth express look like this: Gross Earnings Minus Expenses / Savings = Net Earnings subject to taxes Notice the difference? Its earn, pay tax, spend for an employee. On the other hand, its earn, spend, pay tax for an employer, an entrepreneur, business owner, or an investor. There is a profound difference.

If you are an employee, you would pity yourself, though there is nothing much you can do about it because thats the way the system works. You dont have the power to change the system so you have no control over it. Besides, self-pity is a crime to oneself. So instead of feeling sorry for yourself, you must get out of the trap, be liberated from being poor or middle class, and start doing some action steps to becoming financially independent.

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